Ice Coolers

As the summer sun shines and increases the temperature, the first thing you and your guests seek is a cool drink. No drinks table is complete without it and soft drinks to cocktails are dependent on the fragments of frozen water. This shows that ice should always be top of the list, however it is easily forgotten until the guest are just about to arrive and you instantly remember.

So if you buy ice or freeze your own, you will still need this blog post. Not only am I going to take you on eye opening journey about the wonders of ice.  These Ice cubes are also an inexpensive way to transform your drinks tables at events, parties, weddings and BBQ’s and make it a highlight of your event, and can transform the flavour of the most simple drinks.


Bellini Bursts

All you need is gem mold, (a normal ice cube tray will be fine) and ripe soft fruit blended until puréed. The fruit purée is frozen, added to a glass of Prosecco or sparkling wine, will  slowly melt, releasing the flavour whilst chilling the drink. Add a sprig of fresh herbs that also doubles up as a stirrer.



Blend the fruit with 2-3 table spoons of water and pour into the ice mold.

Place in the freezer until frozen solid, remove when ready to serve.

Alternative Fruits to try: Mango or Apricots

Try my Peach Bellini Bursts here


Fruit Infusions


Most people have seen this all over the blogs but have yet to try it, considering how easy they are to make.

Chopped fruit combined with herbs, not only look beautiful but can be used to compliment your sparkling waters or your summer spritz. This is also a great alternative for fruit that infuses your Pimms. See below for my top infused ice cube combos.

1. Strawberry & Mint

Place chopped strawberry combined with fresh mint place into and ice cube tray with water.

2. Fresh Rosemary

Let the rosemary sit in a jug/bowl of water for 30 minutes to flavour the water, before freezing.

3. Blueberry & Basil

Add fresh blueberries and basil to your ice cube tray before freezing. As simple as that! The depth of the blueberries colour will instantly transforms your beverages as they melt. Great if you have purple colour theme too.


Flavoured water cubes


Far from plain, these cubes use flavoured water that can be incorporated with fruit juices, cocktails and fruit water fusions. Below are my key favorites, including tips of how you can incorporate them at your next summer party.

  1. Rose Water

Rosewater tends to be more aromatic than flavoured, but it freezes just like normal water and can really make an impact when allowed to melt with drinks. If you want your drinks to stand out, use an ice cube ball mould and a few dried rose petals.

Try rosewater ice cubes with Pomegranate juice or gin based cocktails.

  1. Coconut Water

Pour coconut water into an ice tray and freeze. Serve with your tropical cocktails and juices for an exotic combo.

Try dropping a few coconut water ice cubes into pineapple juice or Mango & Apple juice based cocktails.

  1. Citrus Water

A mix of citrus fruit and water, to flavour any fruit squash, sparkling water or soda.

Try mixing the juice of 1 lime with 250ml of water and pour into ice cube tray. Add fresh mint to each cube and freeze. Try with sparkling water or other soft drinks.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and all full of inspiration for your next summer party.


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