Fruit Fusion Waters

Pom Cherry ingredients

Drinking more water in the summer months can be easy since it seems like body is constantly calling for it for you to hydrate yourself. Then, in the winter months we want the herbal teas that warm our core. However, after a while water taste bland and boring but if you need to detox or up your water intake it can be difficult.  So to escape the bland taste of water, here are my 3 favourite fruit fusions according to the need of sweet, sharp citrus and mild tart flavours.

All recipes servings are for 1 large glass (300ml)

Citrus cooler: Lemon

A simple easy refreshing ice water infused with lemon juice for a fresh citrus kick.

For some reason lemon infused water makes me cooler than just regular chilled water. I instantly feel the cooling effect from my first sip on a sweltering day. The best thing about this combo is that lemons are easily accessible in every country I travel to; therefore it’s something that can be made on the go.

What you need

Large Glass

Handful of Ice

The juice of Half a lemon

Chilled water



Place the ice and lemon juice in a glass before pouring the water over. Stir with a spoon or straw before drinking.


Sweet Fusion:  Pineapple & Kiwi

Pine Kiwi

Pineapple, without looking like a drink that looks nice, actually delivers on taste and sweetness. Team it with fresh Kiwis for your vitamin C, and make sure you eat the fruit once the water is gone (depending on how many times you have refilled, it still has great taste). The longer the fruit is within the water, the sweeter the infusion, therefore there are two methods for you to enjoy.

You can substitute the fresh pineapples for tinned or pre-packed frozen pineapples. Also if you are worried about using the remaining fresh pineapple, cut it up and place it in the freezer for later, it taste just as good and still cools the drink.

Rather than using plain ice cubes I used coconut water ice cubes for a distinctive tropical flavour (instructions can be found on my ice recipe here), if not plain water ice cubes are still great.

What you need

3 Ice cubes

4 coconut water ice cubes

1 slice of Pineapple or pineapple ring cut into chunks

1 Kiwi slices

Chilled water



Add all the items to a tall glass and top with ice, stir and enjoy.


For a sweeter flavour pour the water over the pineapple and kiwi leave to infuse for 30 minutes before adding ice and serving.


Mild & Tart: Pomegranate & Cherry

Pom Cherry Lime

Still with a cooling effect, but with a mild flavour compared to the pineapple and kiwi infusion this perfect for  those breezy warm nights, or to hydrate you on your run. For a hint of fragrant flavour, the pomegranate and cherries fruit infusion is just right for you.

Release the flavour of the pomegranate seeds by crushing them with the back of a spoon, add a wedge of lime brings out the taste of the cherries (although you can easily go without).

What you will need

Seeds of half a Pomegranate

5 Cherries halved and de-seeded

Wedge of lime

Chilled Water



Place the pomegranate seeds in the glass and using the back of a spoon, crush the seeds to release the juice.

Add the ice, cherries and top with water. Squeeze the wedge of lime into the water before adding to the glass.


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