5 Items I Always Pack

When I travel, I always have items that are the first to be put on my ‘to pack list’. Yes I can live without them, but whether my experience and comfort during my travels will be the same is highly doubtful. So here are my top 5 items that always make it to the travel destination no mater the climate or distance.

1. A Warm Jumper

Always pack 1 jumper/hoodie, the bigger the better so it can accommodate any additional layers you may be wearing. I prefer to have it in my carry on lugguage as I’ve had to sit in cold airports waiting for connecting flights. You will be surprised how you can be rescued from shivering to cosy comfort with a simple jumper, especially if you are staying in an accommodation with centrally controlled heating or air conditioner.

Also just because the suns shines during the day does not guarantee that the wind will not provide a chilly breeze in the evening.

2. Scarf

Not just a form of adornment, but it’s main quality is it’s transformation into a blanket, especially on budget airlines where blankets are not provided. Silk scarfs are great as the following: a headwrap, beach coverup, tops and make shift room divider or curtain (don’t ask, it’s a long story). Woolly/Fleece scarfs also keep their main role as blanket, are better pillows and can


3. Lavender Oil

The scent apparently keeps the insects away, I mix it with my creams before going out in the evening, just incase I leave without the insect repellent. It also helps sooth my bites, and its amazing massage oil for aching muscles, after the long hikes, and site seeing trips.

4. Adapter/Extension cord

Yes I carry an adapter at all times. For trips where the laptop has to come along, I pack  an extension cord, therefore I can charge my laptop without having to forfeit straightening my hair (check the voltage of the country you’ll be visiting before hand).


5. Rosewater spray

Rose water and aloe spray is my favourite multi-purpose spray. I use it as a setting spray for my make up, a refreshing body spray, an eye make up remover and a hair spray to add a bit of moisture. When visiting colder climates I make my own variation, using rosewater, glycerine and vitamin E oil and use it as facial and hair spray.


Hope my travel tips have been helpful and inspire you on your next trip.



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