Packing Light

Make up & Toiletries

Sample your way

For those who use make up in liquid form and in a variety of shades, collect samples of your required shades before flying. It’s small, compact and will help you keep your liquid allowance down.

Also places like Mac provide miniature pots for their samples, don’t throw them away, you can always wash and reuse them for your next trip.

Toiletries Go Mini

From  soap to after sun go travel size.

Sharing is caring wise – If there is a group of you, rather than carrying certain toiletries such toothpaste and shower gel, purchase 1 regular sized toiletry to share.

Don’t Buy to Pack! You can easily avoid carrying certain toiletries such as toothpaste and shower gel by purchasing at the airport or at your destination, just research the stores before you travel to  know if the brands you require are available.

I’ve often bought all my toiletries at the destination, since known brands can be found in European supermarkets.


Plan your outfits in advance. 5 days =10 outfits (1 day/1 evening)

Find outfits that can be dressed up or down, for instance denim jeans  or trousers that can then be worn more than once.

Wear the bulky clothes on the flight, such as jeans, jackets allowing space in the case for you to pack your souvinours on your return.



Heels surprisingly are additional weight, if you can find one that goes with a majority of your outfits you’ve instantly won. If not opt for flats that are formal and dressy enough to wear with your evening party outfits.

Also wear the bulky shoes, such as boots and trainers during your journey.

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