Spiced Rhubarb Cake

This fluffy, fruity, spiced rhubarb cake, bursting full of flavour is vegan/plant-based diet friendly and will easily covert those who are not fond of rhubarb to try it….

Homemade Cinnamon & Rasin Bagels

A week before the government issued the lockdown, my sister and I went grocery shopping, to my surprise the home baking isles had been left empty. It didn’t make sense why all the flour and sugar had been swept of the shelves. Did the pandemic lead to people thinking that they could bake they’re way…

Quarantine Cocktail

We’re all in confinement, lockdown or quarantine – whatever you want to call it we have to stay inside. Well I’ll be releasing some easy cocktail recipes for you to enjoy whilst social distancing, whether on FaceTime, group videos, or binge watching films. First one we’ll be exploring Patrón XO Cafe teamed with sweet Grenadine….

Turkey Zucchini Tacos

With an abundance of courgettes in season use them to transform your turkey mince and spice up your tacos!

Ginger Syrup

A sweet and sticky ginger syrup for a drink base of desert topping.